'''Pro Era''', also known as '''Progressive Era''', is an [[United States|American]] [[hip hop]] [[musical collective|collective]] from [[Brooklyn]], [[New York City]]. The collective includes, among others, rappers [[Joey Bada$$]], [[Capital STEEZ]] (deceased), CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, NYCk Caution, Dyemond Lewis, Dessy Hinds, A La $ole, $wankmaster Raw, Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, JAB, and T'nah Apex, along with producers Chuck Strangers, Powers Pleasan, Bruce Leekix, and [[Lee Bannon]].

Pro Era was formed around 2009 in [[Brooklyn]] and was founded by [[Capital STEEZ]], Joey Badass, CJ Fly and Powers Pleasant.<ref>[] XXL Magazine, 7/30/13</ref> Containing a total of around 47 people,<ref>[,0,516291.story] Pro Era, Rising Rap Collective, Hits Connecticut</ref> the group includes non-musical members such as Tru, Junior B (deceased), Dee Frosted, Tony Whlgn and Kwon $wank, who act as promoters, photographers, directors and publicists, among other occupations.<ref></ref>

==Music career==

===2010–2012: Signing to Cinematic Music===

The Pro Era collective signed with the label [[Cinematic Music Group]] in 2010, shortly after [[Johnny Shipes]] became manager of the group's leader, [[Joey Badass]].

In February 2012, Pro Era released their debut mixtape entitled ''The Secc$ Tap.e''.<ref>[ The Seccs Tape] The Smokers Club, 2/14/12</ref>

Starting October 27, 2012 until December 1 [[Joey Bada$$]] went on the first tour for any member of Pro Era. The tour began New York and ended in Virginia but the tour also extended abroad to countries like Switzerland, France, England and the Netherlands. <ref>{{cite web|title=Tours|url=||accessdate=14 February 2015}}</ref>

===2012: Rise in popularity and death of Capital STEEZ===

The release of the ''Amerikkkan Korruption'' ([[Capital STEEZ]]) and ''[[1999 (mixtape)|1999]]'' ([[Joey Badass]]) mixtapes increased the group's popularity in the underground scene. ''1999'' was listed among "Best Mixtapes of 2012" by multiple publications.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=38. Joey Bada$$, 1999 — The 50 Best Albums of 2012 |publisher=Complex |date=2012-12-18 |accessdate=2013-05-06}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=HipHopDX's Top 10 Mixtapes Of 2012 &#124; Discussing Lil' Wayne, Drake & Many More Hip Hop Artists |publisher=HipHop DX |date=2012-12-31 |accessdate=2013-05-06}}</ref> [[Capital STEEZ]] was on the list of "Rappers to Watch For in 2013."<ref>[] Hip Hop DX , Rappers to Watch for in 2013</ref>

Pro Era performed with The Smoker's Club's One Hazy Summer Tour, a 30-date tour that began July 13, 2012.<ref>Horowitz, J, Steven [ One Hazy Summer Tour], 7/13/12</ref> In December of that year, Pro Era released the ''P.E.E.P: The aPROcalypse'' group mix tape.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Pro Era - Peep The Aprocalypse |publisher=The Pro Era |date= |accessdate=2013-05-06}}</ref>

On December 24, 2012, 19-year-old Pro Era co-founder [[Capital STEEZ]] (Jamal Dewar) committed suicide, jumping from the rooftop of the Cinematic Music Group headquarters in [[Manhattan]], [[New York City]]. Earlier that evening, he sent text messages to a few of his closest friends, telling them he loved them. At 11:59 PM, Dewar posted a [[Twitter|tweet]] saying, "The end."<ref name="The end tweet">[ @CapitalSTEEZ_: "The end."]</ref> He jumped to his death later that night.<ref name="The Fader">{{cite web |url=|title=Capital STEEZ: King Capital}}</ref>

===2013–present: Touring and mixtapes===

On March 21, 2013, Pro Era participated in the Beast Coastal concert tour with [[The Underachievers]] and [[Flatbush Zombies]].<ref></ref> The Beast Coastal concert tour performed all over the United States, the first leg of the tour covered the west coast while the second leg covered the east and midwest, before the tour ended on April 20. Pro Era began a tour of their own on August 29, 2013 at Fort Punta Christo Pula in Croatia and they performed at a variety of venues including New Zealand, Australia and mostly the United States. The tour went on to December 14 and this was technically the first tour in which Pro Era as a group went on tour.<ref>{{cite web|title=Tours|url=||accessdate=14 February 2015}}</ref> Later that year, Pro Era toured with the Under the Influence 2013 tour with [[Wiz Khalifa]], [[ASAP Rocky]], [[Trinidad James]], [[Chevy Woods]] and [[Smoke DZA]], among others.<ref></ref> On December 25, 2013, the group announced that their third mixtape ''The Secc$ Tap.e 2'' would be released on February 14, 2014.<ref></ref> As promised, it would be released on that day, as a part of a free-music giveaway coined "Pro Era week".<ref></ref> Their next project, ''The Shift'', a free EP was released on May 27, 2014 by [[Scion AV]].<ref></ref><ref> "'s Top 25 Artists of 2013" </ref>

=== 2014  ===

Due to the coming release of his debut studio album, B4.Da.$$ which was released January 20 2015, [[Joey Bada$$]] began a long world tour alongside Pro Era. The tour started on August 8, 2014 in Norway before they went on to tour the U.S. for weeks until reaching they're Europe leg of the tour which began in England on November 18 making stops in countries like France, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, and Germany.<ref>{{cite web|url=||accessdate=14 February 2015}}</ref> Unfortunately, [[Joey Bada$$]] and Pro Era decided to cut the tour short while in Australia due to the death of member, and cousin of [[Joey Bada$$]], Junior B.<ref>{{cite web|last1=Beauchemin|first1=Molly|title=Joey Bada$$ Shares B4.DA.$$ Tracklist, Cancels European Tour|url=||publisher=Molly Beauchemin|accessdate=14 February 2015}}</ref> 

After Bada$$' debut album was released, he stated in an interview that Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, and CJ Fly will be releasing new music in 2015. He also announced an upcoming Pro Era album as well as a follow up on Captial STEEZ' posthumous album.

=== 2015 ===

Pro Era producer and rapper Kirk Knight began his first tour with fellow [[Cinematic Music Group]] artist, Chicago rapper [[Mick Jenkins]], without any other musical artists within Pro Era, on February 13, 2015 and will continue to February 27. They will tour the United States and make stops throughout the country.<ref>{{cite web|title=Kirk Knight Tour|url=||accessdate=14 February 2015}}</ref> 

==47 logo controversy==

The design of one of Pro Era's logos has sparked controversy due to its similarity to the [[Nazi flag]]. Like the Nazi flag, the sticker has a red field with a solid white circle. Instead of a [[swastika]], the circular white field of the sticker contains a [[wolfsangel]] which is also associated with [[Nazism]] and [[Neo-Nazism]] and bears resemblance to the swastika. Stickers of the logo and [[graffiti]] of the symbol appear in numerous locations in [[Midwood, Brooklyn]]. The symbol is actually the [[47 (number)|number 47]] with its digits joined together.<ref name="47 symbol">{{cite web|url= |title=Controversial symbol shows up along Avenue K in Midwood |work=[[News 12 Brooklyn]] |publisher=News 12 Brooklyn |date=24 March 2014 |accessdate=21 April 2014}}</ref>

According to local news station ''[[News 12 Brooklyn]]'', the group has explained that the logo was designed the way it was to draw attention, and that the symbol resembles peace and balance, as with the swastika's significance in various religions. They say that it is supposed to be a spiritual symbol and not an offensive one. The symbol has been planted around Brooklyn in tribute of late member Capital STEEZ.<ref name="47 symbol"/>


[[File:Joey Badass x CJ Fly (cropped).jpg|thumb|180px|right|CJ Fly (left) and [[Joey Badass]] (right) at the Under the Influence Tour in [[Toronto]], [[Canada]] on August 10, 2013.]]

===Current members===

;Musical artists

* [[Joey Bada$$]]

* [[Capital STEEZ]] (deceased)

* CJ Fly

* Dessy Hinds

* Kirk Knight

* Nyck Caution

* Dyemond Lewis

* A La $ole

* Swankmaster Raw

* Dirty Sanchez

* Rokamouth

* Jakk The Rhymer

* T'nah Apex

;Record producers

* Powers Pleasant

* Chuck Strangers 

* Kirk Knight

* Bruce Leekix

* [[Statik Selektah]]

* Lee Bannon

* Sür Niles

* Hans SOLO

;Non-musical members

* Dee Knows

* Tony Whlgn

* Kwon Swank

* Junior B (deceased)



* ''The Secc$ TaP.E.'' (2012) 

* ''P.E.E.P: The aPROcalypse'' (2012)

* ''The Secc$ TaP.E. 2'' (2014) 

* ''The Shift'' (2014)


* TBA (2015)

===Solo discography===

;[[Capital STEEZ]]

* ''The Yellow Tape'' (with Jakk The Rhymer) (2010)

* ''AmeriKKKan Korruption'' (2012)

* ''AmeriKKKan Korruption: Reloaded'' (2012)

* ''King Capital'' (2015)

;CJ Fly

* ''Thee Way Eye See It'' (2013)

* TBA (2015)

;[[Joey Bada$$]]

* ''[[1999 (mixtape)|1999]]'' (2012)

* ''Rejex'' (2012)

* ''[[Summer Knights]]'' (2013)

* ''[[B4.DA.$$]]'' (2015)

;Kirk Knight

* TBA (2015)

;Nyck Caution

* ''The Pursuit, Vol. 1'' (2011)

* TBA (2015)

;A La $ole

* TBA EP (with [[J57]]) (2015)

* The Art of $ole (2015)

;Dessy Hinds

* HindSight (2015)


* Black Gold EP (2015)