Paul Nathaniel Barman (born October 30, 1974), better known by his stage name MC Paul Barman, is a Jewish-American rapper from Ridgewood, New Jersey, who attended Brown University.[1] His rapping style makes extensive use of multisyllabic rhymes as well as feminine rhyme.


MC Paul Barman released the debut EP, It's Very Stimulating, on Wordsound in 2000; it was produced by Prince Paul.[2] His first album, Paullelujah!, was released on Coup d'État in 2002.[3] He released the second album, Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud, on Househusband in 2009.[4]

He has toured with Blackalicious.[5]





Guest appearancesEdit

  • Deltron 3030 - "Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch" from Deltron 3030 (2000)
  • MF Doom - "Hot Guacamole" from MM..LeftOvers (2000)
  • Mr. Dead - "Chemically Imbalanced" from Metabolics Volume II: Dawn of the Dead (2001)
  • Masta Ace - "Roommates Meet" from Disposable Arts (2001)
  • DJ Yoda - "Salvation Barmy" from How to Cut and Paste Mix Tape Vol.1 (2001)
  • Le Hammond Inferno - "Man from Lafonda (Paul Barman Remix)" from This Is Bungalow (2004)
  • Prince Paul - "Inside Your Mind" and "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me" from Itstrumental (2005)
  • DJ Yoda - "Salaam" from The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda (2006)
  • Memory Man - "Live from Death Row" from "Live from Death Row" (2007)
  • Rushden & Diamonds - "We Want Rushden" and "Money" from 2010 (2010)
  • Open Mike Eagle - "Exiled from the Getalong Gang" from Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes (2011)
  • Open Mike Eagle - "Starz" from 4nml Hsptl (2012)
  • Open Mike Eagle - "Trickeration" from A Special Episode of (2015)

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