'''Cannibal Ox''' is an American [[underground hip hop]] duo from  [[Harlem]], [[New York City|New York]], United States. It consists of [[Vast Aire]] and [[Vordul Mega]], often accompanied by DJ Cip-One.


In 2001, Cannibal Ox released the first album ''[[The Cold Vein]]'' on [[Definitive Jux]]. It received positive reviews from critics and put the duo in the underground hip hop spotlight, and has since been described as one of the best rap albums of the decade 2000-2010.<ref>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref><ref>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref>

In 2003, the group was rumored to have disbanded. However, fellow Definitive Jux rapper [[Murs (rapper)|Murs]] said "Can Ox is not broken up, it's just a rumor" between tracks on fellow Definitive Jux rapper [[Aesop Rock]]'s album ''[[Bazooka Tooth]]''.

November 2005 brought the release of the live album ''[[Return of the Ox: Live at CMJ]]'' with a statement in the liner notes hinting at a Cannibal Ox LP to be released summer of 2006. Supposedly, [[RZA]], [[Pete Rock]] and [[El-P]] were set to contribute. However, the alleged album was never released.

In March 2007, El-P answered "I really doubt it" when asked if a new Cannibal Ox album was coming out anytime in the near future.<ref name=rwd2>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref>

That same year, Vast Aire confirmed that he was no longer working with Definitive Jux, that he left [[The Weathermen (hip hop group)|The Weathermen]], and that plans for a new Cannibal Ox LP were scrapped. He cited creative and financial differences with El-P and Definitive Jux as well as Vordul's alleged clinical depression.<ref name=rewd-dewd>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref>

In January 2008, Vast Aire plugged a project entitled Mighty Joseph with rapper Karniege and spoke about future projects in the works. When asked about his relationship with Vordul, he confirmed Vordul as a feature on his upcoming solo LP ''Deuces Wild''. Vast Aire was later featured on Vordul's album ''Megagraphitti''.<ref name=rwd>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref>

After many requests for him to produce a second Can Ox album, El-P stated on May 28, 2011 via his Facebook page that "there won't ever be a can ox album produced by me again." <ref>{{cite web|title=El-P Facebook|url=||accessdate=19 February 2015}}</ref>

On May 31, 2011 Vast Aire released a solo record titled ''Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey''. Vordul is featured in the song "Thor's Hammer."<ref>{{cite web|title=Vast Aire Song Feature|url=||accessdate=19 February 2015r}}</ref>

On November 15, 2012, Cannibal Ox confirmed that they’re finally ready to release a follow-up to their 2001 album, The Cold Vein.

Vast Aire revealed, “We never broke up, but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP. Iron Galaxy Records is about to take over.” He also confirmed that he and Vordul Mega are in the studio now working on the album. <ref>{{cite web|title=Cannibal Ox Talk New Album, El-P & More|url=||accessdate=13 March 2015r}}</ref>

On April 16, 2013, Cannibal Ox's EP "Gotham" went on sale.<ref>[ ]{{dead link|date=February 2015}}</ref> The 3 track album contains new songs produced by Bill Cosmiq:<ref>{{cite web|author=Andrew Martin |url= |title=Stream Cannibal Ox’s Comeback Single ‘Gotham’ | |date=2013-04-05 |accessdate=2015-02-19}}</ref> Gotham (Ox City), Gasses in Hell (Inhale), Psalm 82.

Their second album, ''Blade of the Ronin'', was released on March 3, 2015 under [[iHipHop Distribution]] to favorable reviews.<ref>{{cite web|title=Reviews for Blade of the Ronin by Cannibal Ox - Metacritic |url=}}</ref> Bill Cosmiq produced the majority of the album.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Cannibal Ox - Blade Of The Ronin - tracklisting, buy, cover art | |date= |accessdate=2015-02-19}}</ref> 

''Blade Of The Ronin'' was made available to stream via iHipHop Distribution on February 25, 2015.


;Studio albums

* ''[[The Cold Vein]]'' (2001)

* ''[[Blade of the Ronin]]'' (2015)<ref>{{cite web|last=Baker |first=Soren |url= |title=Cannibal Ox's Sophomore Album Arriving In 2014 &#124; Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales |publisher=HipHopDX |date=2013-10-25 |accessdate=2015-02-19}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=VAST AIRE on Twitter: "New Cannibal Ox Lp "Blade of the Ronin" due later this year #IGC #CrimsonGodz #Ihiphop" | |date=2014-08-04 |accessdate=2015-02-19}}</ref>


* ''Gotham (Deluxe LP Edition)'' (2013)

;Live albums

* ''Return of the Ox: Live at CMJ'' (2005)


* "Iron Galaxy / DPA (As Seen on T.V.)" (2000) <small>(with [[Company Flow]])</small>

* "Vein / A B-Boy's Alpha" (2001)

* "The F Word" (2001)

* "Cosmos  / Streets Be Testin' You" (2003) <small>(with Invisible)</small>

* "Gotham" (2013)