==Early life==

Bishop at age 13 made jazz tracks and hip hop instrumentals under the name "Kelz Scott" soon being changed to the name Kile Kanvas at age 14. He released his earlier works on the Odd Future forum & other forums like Hypebeast, Skateboard-City, Lookbook, and many more. Odd Future Talk was the forum that gave a then young Nehru listens.{{citation needed|date=January 2015}} [[WorldStarHipHop]] named Bishop Nehru the Youth Rap Talent of the Week in July 2012 for his 8-bar freestyle over [[Mos Def]]'s classic "[[Mathematics (song)|Mathematics]]". Nehru was featured on [[WQHT|]] as part of their ''Who's Next'' section, which showcases rappers who are next to blow up. He also had the song make its way to [[Power 105|Power 105.1's]] ''New NY'' with Jovonn "The Don" in February 2013.<ref>[ Bishop Nehru Biography<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> as well as opening for [[Wu-Tang Clan]] on their 20th Anniversary European tour.<ref>[ The Futurist: Bishop Nehru<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>

He chose his stage name from a combination of [[Tupac Shakur|Tupac's]] character in the movie ''[[Juice (film)|Juice]]'', noting that the character of Bishop inspires him "to go out and get mine, you've got to earn respect" and Nehru is taken from the former prime minister of [[India]], [[Jawaharlal Nehru]], who worked closely with legendary peacemaker [[Mahatma Gandhi|Gandhi]].

== Musical career ==

===2012–present: Early mixtapes and signing to Mass Appeal Records===

When he was 16 years old, Bishop Nehru released his debut mixtape, ''Nehruvia'', a 13-song project that included production from [[DJ Premier]], [[J Dilla]], [[Madlib]], MF DOOM and more.<ref>[ Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia - Download & Stream<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> He followed that up with ''strictlyFLOWz'' which was presented by  New York radio personality [[Peter Rosenberg]] and the UK’s [[DJ Semtex]].<ref>[ Bishop Nehru - strictlyFLOWZ - Download & Stream<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>

In August 2013, it was announced that Bishop Nehru and [[MF Doom|MF DOOM]] would collaborate on a project set to be released via [[Lex Records]] and Noisy Cricket!!.<ref>[ DOOM Working on Project With Bishop Nehru | News | Pitchfork<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> After a [[Kendrick Lamar]] show in Brooklyn, Fuse News captured the Cali emcee speaking to Bishop Nehru praising and giving advice to the young artist.<ref>[ Kendrick Lamar Gives Props, Advice to Bishop Nehru - Interviews - Fuse News - Fuse<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> On May 22, 2014, it was announced that Bishop Nehru,  [[Boldy James]] and [[Fashawn]] were the first signees to [[Nas]]' [[Mass Appeal Records]].<ref></ref> On June 5, 2014,  [[Dizzy Wright]] and Bishop Nehru released a free collaborative EP titled ''BrILLiant Youth EP''. [[LRG]] said, "For our Summer 14 Campaign not only did we feature Dizzy Wright and Bishop Nehru in our lookbook, we also joined them in the studio for a 3 track EP featuring production by LRG brand ambassador [[9th Wonder]]".

''[[NehruvianDOOM]]'' was released on September 23, 2014.<ref>[]<!-- Bot generated title --></ref> On October 7, 2014 Nas announced via [[Twitter]] he will be the [[executive producer]] on Nehru's forthcoming album.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Nas to Executive Produce Bishop Nehru’s Forthcoming Solo Album |author=''Mass Appeal staff''|publisher=''''|date=October 6, 2014|accessdate=October 7, 2014}}</ref>


Collaboration Albums:

NehruvianDOOM (with MF DOOM): Released 2014

1. Intro

2. Om

3. Mean the Most

4. So Alone

5. Coming For You

6. Darkness (HBU)

7. Caskets

8. Great Things

9. Disastrous

10. They Say Bishy Bish


Brilliant Youth EP (with Dizzy Wright): Released 2014

1. Wreckin' Crew (feat. Add 2)

2. Isolated

3. Brilliant Youth (feat. Big Remo)


Nehruvia: Released 2013

1. The Music (Intro)

2. Light Leak$

3. Fickle Mind$

4. Lemon Grass

5. Misruled Order (feat. Que Hampton)

6. Y.E.T.

7. Languages

8. Moon&Stars

9. Her Ballad (Dymeclin)

10. S.S.S. (Split Society Syndrome)

11. Sweetlips

12. Welcome (feat. Que Hampton)

13. Elder Blossoms

StrictlyFLOWz: Released 2013

1. Start

2. Flow 1

3. 96 Blueprint

4. Muffled:M.I.C.

5. Introvertz

6. Exhale

7. Angel

8. 77

9. Mobb Dizzle

10. End

Non-Album Singles:

Golden Era - 2012

Appalled - 2013

You Stressin' - 2014

Fortune & Fame - 2014

Breathe (Prana/$pirit) - 2014

Pretty Girls (Remix) - 2015

Harmony In A Glass (Prod By. Bishy Nehru)