Apani B Fly is an American hip hop emcee.

In 1996 her first 12-inch single, “Estragen,” was independently released and shortly followed up by several high-profile guest appearances on projects with Organized Konfusion, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, and Pharoahe Monch. Her first full length album, Rhyme-Related (as a member of Polyrhythm Addicts), was released in 1999.[1]

She was featured in multiple magazines including Vibe, The Source, and XXL and opened for acts such as the Fugees and Brand Nubian. For the past decade, Apani has remained part of the NYC underground scene with frequent performances at S.O.B.'s, Lyricist Lounge, and the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe.


Singles Edit

Estragen / Soul Control (Q-Boro Sounds Inc./ Buds International Distribution - 1998)Edit

• Featuring Lyric aka Sara Kana, WhatWhat aka Jean Grae, Yejide the Night Queen, Helixx & Pri of Anomalies, Heroine of Juggaknots, and Essence of Natural Elements.
• A SIDE (1–4) Produced by DJ Spinna, B SIDE(5) by Geology and BONUS CUTS (6–10) by Mike One.

# Title
1 "Estragen (Clean)"
2 "Estragen (Dirty)"
3 "Estragen (Instrumental)"
4 "Estragen (Acapella)"
5 "Woman In Me"
6 "Soul Control (Dirty)"
7 "Soul Control (Instrumental)"
8 "Soul Control (Acapella)"
9 "Woman In Me (Instrumental)"
10 "Q-Boro Bonus Break 1"

The Specialist / Perspective (Infinity - 1999)Edit

• Featuring C-Rayz Walz & Mahlay Sparks

# Title
1 "The Specialist (Street)"
2 "The Specialist (Radio)"
3 "The Specialist (Instrumental)"
4 "Perspective (Street)"
5 "Perspective (Radio)"
6 "Perspective (Instrumental)"

Tags of the Times (Mary Joy Recordings - 1998)Edit

# Title
1 "Never Too Much (J-Treds)"
2 "Narcotic (Apani B. Fly Emcee)" (Produced by Mike One)

Spot Me (Bronx Science - 2000)Edit

• Produced by Celph Titled

# Title
1 "Spot Me (Street)"
2 "Spot Me (Radio)"
3 "Spot Me (Instrumental)"
4 "A Million Eyes (Street)"
5 "A Million Eyes (Radio)"
6 "A Million Eyes (Instrumental)"

Strive (Hyde Out Production - 2000)Edit

• Produced by Nujabes

# Title
1 "Strive (Radio)"
2 "Strive (Instrumental)"
3 "Strive (Accapella)"
4 "Progress (Dirty)"
5 "Progress (Radio)"

Abracadabra (Q-boro Sounds - 2003)Edit

• Produced by DJ Spinna

# Title
1 "Abracadabra (Dirty)"
2 "Abracadabra (Clean)"
3 "Abracadabra (Instrumental)"
4 "Abracadabra (Acapella)"
5 "Say What" (Produced by Da Beatminerz)

Laws (Hyde Out - 2003)Edit

• Produced by Hiro

# Title
1 "Laws"
2 "Laws (Instrumental)"
3 "Strive (Remix)"
4 "Strive (Remix - Instrumental)"

No Matter (Miclife - 2005)Edit

• Produced by Hiro

# Title
1 "No Matter"
2 "No Matter (Instrumental)"
3 "No Matter (Bassoon Mix)"
4 "No Matter (Bassoon Remix - Instrumental)"

Guest appearancesEdit

Artist Title Album Label Year
Anti-Pop Consortium "Disorientation" Mind Control/Disorientation 12" Anti-Pop Recordings 1997
Attica Blues "3 Ree (A Mean To Be)" Mo' Wax Records 1998
DJ Spinna w/ Talib Kweli "Time Zone" Heavy Beats Volume 1 Rawkus 1999
Pharoahe Monch "The _ss" (Produced by Diamond D.) Internal Affairs Rawkus 1999
Nicodemus "The Spirit Within" Rope Ladder 12 Mush Records 2000
L.I.F.E. "Outa Site" No More Prisons Raptivism Records 2000
Jigmastas "Apology Not Accepted" Infectious Beyond Real 2001
Da Beatminerz Ft. What? What? "Shut da F** k Up" Brace 4 Impak Rawkus 2001
Motion Ft. Tara Chase "The Trilogy Pt. 1" Blacklist 2001
Dee Nasty "Blazing Trails" Nastyness Chronowax 2001
D-Tension "True + Exact" Contacts + Contracts Brick Records 2002
KC Da Rookee "Rhyme Excursions" Nexcalibur LP Showdown 2002
Richy Pitch "Day To Day" Live At Home Seven Heads Recordings 2002
L.I.F.E. Long "Outta Site" Cuts And Calabo's Hegemony Recordingz 2002
Ghost Cauldron "Whole World" K7 Records 2002
Anti-Pop Consortium "Verses" Shopping Carts Crashing Nippon Crown 2003
We Came From Beyond Vol. 2 "Picture This" Razor & Tie 2003
Viktor Vaughn "Let Me Watch" Vaudeville Villain Traffic 2003
Pachecos "Rebel Sound Rush" Beat Hustlers Rico Entertainment 2003
Heat Sensor(Touch) "MRK Remix" Sound-Ink 2004
Nujabes "Thank You" Modal Soul Hyde Out Productions 2005
Dela "Let Me Know" Atmosphere Airlines Vol. 1 Drink Water Music 2007
Jazz Liberatorz "The Process" Clin d'œil KIF Records 2008


  • 1999: Rhyme Related (with Polyrhythm Addicts) (Nervous Inc.)
  • 2004: Story 2 Tell (Mic Life/Bad News)

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